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Editing Lesson 9

(1) Our friend Doctor Evler taked several journeys last year.

(2) In September she went to Chile, and later her told me about it.

(3) She said, "Chile is on the west coast of south America."

(4) One of the longest highways runs almost 2,000 miles

(5) Chile have hot deserts, high mountains, and rich farmlands.

(6) The largest number of peoples live in one of the rich valleys.

(7) One Saturday, Dr Evler and a friend treated themselves to a day at the beach.

(8) Dr. Evler said, Vina del Mar is the best beach in Chile!"

(9) Mom said, "yes, Dr. Evler was in Chile for several Chilean holidays."

(10) I asked, "Doesn't Christmas fall during the summer season."

Editing Paragraph

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