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Editing Lesson 8

(1) For years the Inuit people passed down their storys.

(2) One story I read is called "Raven and the geese."

(3) Raven was lonely and he wanted a wife.

(4) One day he seen eight fine geese fly toward the North Pole.

(5) Raven called, "let me marry your daughter and come with you."

(6) The leader said, "Raven, your too weak for this trip."

(7) Why did Raven fly with the geese on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

(8) Well, he was conceited, and he thinked he was very, very strong.

(9) On Thursday, Raven shrieked, "I cant fly anywhere else!"

(10) He stopped for relief, and the geese flied on without him.

Editing Paragraph

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