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Editing Lesson 4

(1) On Saturday, Miss Washington will speak to us about sioux artists.

(2) Years ago, several tribes decorated the common objects with beads

(3) Kara said eagerly , "I want to see the cases for the knifes."

(4) These cases are decorated with blue red and yellow beads.

(5) How did people cover those belts with beads.

(6) each weaver used thread, a loom, and beads of many colors.

(7) Mr Wood wears a beaded band around his head.

(8) My friend said, "it keeps his hair back and holds a feather."

(9) Yesterday I finished a book called The Art of the Plains indians by Shirley Glubok.

(10) See the beaded cape shown in the book. Mrs. big knife is wearing it.

Editing Paragraph

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