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Editing Lesson 3

(1) My doctor often says to me, Good health is a priceless gift.

(2) Dr. Wong asks, "Do you have good health habits   "

(3) Yes i am always careful about my diet.

(4) Fruits grains and vegetables are healthful foods.

(5) Toby walks three miles every Monday, Wednesday, and friday. She's tireless!

(6) I said, "Isnt walking one of the best exercises?"

(7) At lunch Abeke said  "I could eat that whole plateful of tomatoes!"

(8) Her mother said, "Abeke, pleese wash you hands first."

(9) Soft drinks do not give us children any vitamins

(10) They can hurt your teeth, and they can make you wakeful at nite.

Editing Paragraph

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