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Editing Lesson 2

(1) Last october we students read some lively books about women.

(2) The book i liked best was Zina Garrison: Ace by A. P. Porter.

(3) Ms. Chu said, Tell me about Zina Garrison, Robert.

(4) I said "She is surely one of the best tennis players ever."

(5) You are looking at a photograph of Ross Sterling High school in Houston, Texas.

(6) Zina was a tennis champ, but she wisly stayed in school.

(7) In 1988, she played a tennis match against a yugoslavian player.

(8) Tennis experts watched her game closely she won it too!

(9) In December of 1988, Garrison met Willard L Jackson.

(10) She fell in love with him immediately, and them had a lovely wedding.

Editing Paragraph

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