Daily Oral Language 11
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Editing Lesson 11

          (1) Do you like to go camping?     (2) For the Karamojong people of Africa, camping is a way of life.     (3) The Karamojong live in the plains of uganda in eastern Africa.     (4) There lives have stayed the same for thousands of years.     (5) The Karamojong live in small villages, surrounded by thick fences of plants and branches.     (6) These fences keep out wild animals and unfriendly tribes.     (7) The single entrance to each village has a lowest door so that visitors must bow down to enter.     (8) Inside the fence are about ten huts with grass walls and roofs.     (9) In the center of the village is a pen for cattle.     (10) Each day the Karamojong take the cattle to find grass.     (11) Because the area is very dry, the Karamojong sometimes move to find better grass for the cattle.


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