Daily Oral Language 1
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Editing Lesson 1

(1) A baby boy was born in Milan Ohio on February 11, 1847.

(2) Samuel and Nancy Edison named they're son Thomas.

(3) One of Thomas's teachers was reverend G. B. Engle.

(4) Thomas asked many questons and his teacher often accused him of not behaving.

(5) At age fifteen Edison saved the life of mr. J. U. Mackenzie's son.

(6) Soon Edison was useing Mr. Mackenzie's telegraph key.

(7) In those days telegraph workers often changed their jobs. they roamed from state to state.

(8) One year Edison worked in Michigan Indiana, and Ohio.

(9) On October 11, 1879, Edison had finished making an electric lightbulb

(10) No, it wasnt the first electric light, but it was the best of its time, though.

Editing Paragraph

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